2-step shower technique to healthy skin shower

Techniques for taking a healthy skin shower are easy to do. Techniques for bathing for skin health Can it be true? Many people complain that the scurf and stasis. By ufabet Health Publishing House to tell you that your bathing will help rejuvenate your skin and improve your health.

If to complete the formula of the body skin whichever formula must be done in conjunction with the shower, let’s see if it will actually make the skin healthy or not first.

healthy skin shower

Why do we have to take a shower?

First, let’s look at the reasons why we need to shower first, namely, having body odor, wanting to feel refreshed. Or sweating after exercise If so, we won’t take a shower. It will be a little difficult, everyone. However, there is no scientific law on how many times a day a person has to bathe. It depends on how dirty your skin is.

For moisturizing cream Moisturizer Should choose to use a more intense moisturizer in the summer. By looking at ingredients that are primarily hydrating agents such as glycerine, sorbitol, ceramide, in case of very dry skin, a moisturizer with Beeswax texture, which can retain moisture in the skin better than a cream or lotion. Or use an oil such as coconut oil after showering. A little trick should be applied immediately after showering to increase the absorption.

Shower tips to recommend the following. In addition to actually making your skin radiant and healthy It also makes you feel more refreshed than the traditional bath as well.

Taking cold showers is better than warm water.

Who is a habit to take a warm shower? If observed, you will find that the skin is often dry. Today, try changing to a cool shower. And will experience a refreshing rejuvenation immediately In addition, taking a cold shower works better for blood circulation than a slow bath. Thus helping the skin to be healthier and more flawless.

Change towels

Shower finished From wiping normally Today, try using a thick, soft towel to wipe yourself with a bit more strength In order to stimulate the skin cells After that, use your hands to rub the skin around How to wipe the body like this Besides stimulating skin cells, it can also help reduce dark spots.
Do this regularly Your skin will be bright and clean. It also stimulates the body and mind to be more energetic. Then diligently take a shower.