5 great benefits of “chicken eggs” for health.

It should be cook before eating. And may be use to cook in the form of boiled eggs, poach eggs, stew eggs, instead of fry eggs, omelets, eggs, son-in-law, etc. Because boil and stew food will provide less fat content than other types of food.

1. Weight loss.

Eating eggs as part of your meal will help you feel fuller longer and eating less. This is because eggs contain fat and protein that can increase feelings of fullness. An experiment by the University of Louisiana found that eating in the morning can reduce obesity better than people who eat breakfast bread. But it should also be eat in a limit amount. By no more than 3 per day.

Another study involved 152 male and female volunteers who were overweight. or have obesity They ate a breakfast of two eggs (340 calories) at least five days a week for 8 weeks, compared to the other group who primarily ate bagels. They found that the egg-eating group had a 61% greater reduction in BMI than the other group, more than 65 percent weight loss, a 34 percent reduction in waist circumference, and a 16 percent decrease in body fat mass than the other group. The researchers concluded that eating eggs for breakfast, along with controlling the amount of energy from the diet, may help UFABET with weight loss.

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2. Strengthening and muscle size.

Are one of the high-protein foods, and each egg contains 6 grams of protein, making them a good source of protein. Which those who want to have muscles. All choose to eat because it is believed to help strengthen muscles as well. Because proteins help to grow and repair the worn out parts of the body.

3. Nourish the brain and nervous system.

Because eggs contain up to 20% choline (Choline), which is the amount that the body should receive each day. that when combined with phospholipid fatty acids (Phospholipid) is formed as a substance lecithin (Lecithin), which is important for the growth and development of the brain. Therefore, it is believed that eggs may help strengthen brain function. and help the nervous system to be strong

Research suggests that expectant mothers eat a choline-rich diet to improve memory and brain growth of their babies. which in chicken eggs contains 251 mg of choline per 100 g

4. Nourish the eyes. help to see and reduce the risk of cataracts.

Contain lutein and zeaxanthin. Which are carotenoids that are very important for eye health. And can also help protect the body from free radicals and reduce the risk of macular degeneration Plus, the antioxidants help protect your eyes from UV damage. Thus reducing the risk of cataracts when older.

5. Immune boosting.

Chicken eggs contain iron that helps to support healthy immune function. It also helps with normal red blood cell production.