Behaviors that have been done to reduce wrinkles on the face

Behaviors that have been done to reduce Wrinkles on the face. As the age grows, many women are more concerned with Some of the wrinkles on their faces use any other skincare, but do not know that. Many behaviors. That is the cause of wrinkles as well. Today we would like to introduce 9 behaviors that have been done to help reduce wrinkles.

Wrinkles on the skin may appear thin or deep. Which often occurs in areas that are frequently exposed to sunlight, such as face, neck and hands, etc. It is caused by many factors as follows.

  • sunlight
  • age
  • congenital
  • Cigarettes and smoke
  • Facial expressions

1. Quit smoking

reduce wrinkles

Regular smoking can significantly wrinkle the skin. This is because the nicotine in cigarettes decreases the collagen production of the glands of the skin. And cause poor blood flow Nicotine also makes the epidermis look dull.

2. Do not drink alcohol.

reduce wrinkles

Drinking alcohol has almost the same effect as smoking. Drinking only one glass of alcohol a day causes abnormal blood pumping and blood cells under the skin to decrease their production.

3. Eat the right amount of fat and protein.

Protein is very important to human tissues. As it helps to repair the wear and tear during the day Moreover, fat also gives the skin a natural aura. People who eat too little fat will make their skin dry and wrinkled more easily. Especially around the nose and mouth Therefore, eating protein and fat in moderation. Will make the skin look firm

4. Face exercise

If stress is another problem Causing our eyebrows to frown all the time Can cause wrinkles Therefore, we recommend that you keep exercising your face continuously and it can be completely healed.

5. Relaxing facial massage

Finding time for a facial massage will help make it clear that Facial massage changes the pumping of blood to the face. Make the skin relax Blood circulation and facial skin look noticeably better.

6. Get enough rest

reduce wrinkles

As we all know Getting a good night’s sleep is good. And beyond that Adequate rest helps metabolism to go back to normal, on the contrary, less sleep will subconsciously worsen your system as well.

7.Drink water to maintain the skin’s moisture level.

Adding water to the skin at least 8 glasses a day is not too much at all. Drinking water is essential to keeping skin dry and flaky. And able to maintain moisture, making the skin look healthy as well

8. Add moisture to the skin.

Adding ufabet moisture to the skin is part of everyday life. After wiping the body dry Don’t forget to apply a moisturizer before dressing up. Because this is the time when the pores are best exposed to moisture.

9.Eat vitamins

Vitamin C and Vitamin E are two important vitamins that make the skin build collagen. And is a carrier of other vitamins for the body to be able to absorb them and use them to their fullest In addition to that, it also has properties that help prevent wrinkles on the skin as well.