Benefits of drinking water(2)

6. Prevent cancer

          One study found that benefits of drinking water is drinking lots of water reduced the incidence of bladder cancer. Because drinking a lot of water will make urinating more often. Frequent urination can help reduce the build-up of carcinogens in the bladder. In addition, drinking enough water to keep the body from becoming dehydrated can also help reduce colon cancer. And breast cancer as well.

benefits of drinking water

7. Prevent cramps and sprain           Dehydration results in a decrease in muscle flexibility and lubricant between joints and can easily cause injury. Therefore, drinking water is essential for many muscles and joints if you don’t want to cramp. Or sprains in various joints, you should always drink enough water

8. Helps in a good mood

          Many people may be surprised that drinking water can also help improve their mood. Let me tell you that I can help. Because when we drink enough water to the body It will help the various working systems within it to work normally. Forget about it with various disorders that will affect the mind. 

9. Help the digestive system work better.           Drinking water will help dissolve body fat and help the soluble fiber work its full. Resulting in reduced constipation. Drinking a lot of water will help your body to excrete more easily. But if you drink too little water, your body will have to use it elsewhere, making it difficult to excrete. It was caused by constipation.

10. Good for heart health

          One study found that water intake was linked to cardiovascular risk. Studies have shown that drinking more water increases the risk of heart disease. But drinking high-energy drinks such as soda or fruit juice will increase the risk of dying from heart disease as well.

benefits of drinking water

11. Help fight sickness.           Drinking water can help reduce congestion and dehydration during the flu. Although no studies have confirmed that drinking water can cure the flu. But we should drink the right amount of water. 

12. Strengthen the brain to work better
      A study in London, England, found that students who brought water to drink in the exam room. Will score better on the ufabet exam That is because Water will help clear the brain. Affect the various functions, whether in the matter of memory Or various processing thinking

13. Help balance body temperature while exercising.

          Exercise causes the body to have a higher temperature. And drinking water while exercising can help keep your body temperature down. And helps replace bodily fluids that have been lost from sweating However, it is wise to drink water properly by sipping water after exercise. Should not drink all at once, as it can cause stuttering and dangerous. 

14. Reduce hangs. Alcohol is a major cause of dehydration. And causes a hang . Drinking a glass of water after you sip on alcohol Will help reduce dehydration in another way It also helps to reduce the hang after drinking alcohol as well.