“Bubble tea” can clog the intestines or not?

“Bubble tea” can clog the intestines or not? “ Pearls ” here are not gems or pearls, but rather the black chewy granules that are placed in the drink. Especially pearl milk tea That is a popular drink for many people.

But in the past there were rumors that There was someone who found a pearl This gets stuck in the body. Some said that the pearl became clogged in the intestines. How is this fact? 

"Bubble tea" can clog the intestines or not?

“Bubble tea” can clog the intestines or not?

First of all, let’s look at the ingredients of “pearls”. Pearls are made from tapioca starch. When we ate Will be decomposed from the small intestine Therefore not seeing the characteristics of the pearl beads in the colon system Therefore, seeing pearls stuck in the intestines through X-ray images. Therefore not likely to be possible

However, even pearls do not cause intestinal obstruction in most people. But if the person who eats has intestinal disease with abnormalities such as small intestine stenosis due to fibrosis from lumps or from some ulcers that press the intestines It may also be possible to find pearls stuck in the intestine.

But in general, the tapioca starch of pearls. Inability to cause a blockage in the intestines Except for “fake pearls” that are not made from powder. It may contain ingredients that the body can’t digest. It may be dangerous until the intestinal obstruction.

How to eat pearls safely?

You chew the pearl thoroughly before swallowing. Use a tube larger than the pearl beads. This eliminates the need to use too much force to suck the pearls from the drink glass and risk the pearls falling into the throat without being able to chew first.

Additionally, pearls should not be eaten in excess Because in addition to making the digestive system work harder That many people fear more than likely it is a matter of “weight” that may rise as well.