Chlorophyll is a green substance with Health Benefits

Chlorophyll is a green substance found in plants. In medicine, chlorophyll has deodorizing properties. Both bad breath and body odor Relieves constipation, heals wounds, and some studies suggest that chlorophyll can detoxify the body and fight cancer.

Chlorophyll contains many nutrients such as vitamins , antioxidants.  And has medicinal properties mentioned Which these properties are all good for health This green substance can be found in a wide variety of plants. Especially green leafy vegetables such as spinach, wheat sprouts, green beans, parsley, rocket, leeks, and beans.

Chlorophyll is a green substance

Benefit from Chlorophyll

As chlorophyll is more and more popular nowadays. It is cited in terms of health benefits in many ways. Then according to scientific evidence What are the benefits of chlorophyll? How are the facts? 

Reduce non-dependent odors of the body

Bad breath and body odor are problems that can greatly affect personality and confidence. Which chlorophyll has the effect of as a natural deodorant Exposure to chlorophyll is, therefore, expected to reduce bad breath and body odor,  but this property is only a relatively limited result of studies. 

In studies, this substance has been used in the treatment of sick people. Trimethylaminuria Or called in colloquial language. Bad breath disease Is a disease caused by disorders in the metabolism Makes the body unable to digest the substance trimethylaminethat is a substance that has a foul odor. As a result, the patient’s body smells like rotten eggs, rotten fish, or the presence of waste through sweat, breath and waste causing a huge impact on lifestyle. According to the study, it was found that Use of chlorophyllin or synthetic chlorophyll in dietary supplement form may help reduce foul symptoms from this disease and improve the quality of life of the patient. 

However, such properties are only in the experimental stage. Therefore a lot of further education is needed. Because the results of these studies and scientific evidence from such experiments are insufficient to confirm their efficacy.

Good for the intestines

Chlorophyllin is a substance that is beneficial for intestinal health and function. Especially constipation as a result of illness Doctors may prescribe chlorophyllin as an adjunct treatment for people suffering from constipation from spinal cord injury. Colon cancer,  psychosis, terminally ill patients And those who treated with open-abdominal surgery to get rid of waste

Chlorophyllin may also help fight inflammation in the gut. Rats also had Liver Fibrosis, but the anti-inflammatory properties were only conducted on animals. Therefore, the properties of this substance cannot be confirmed if it is used in people.

Anti cancer

Chlorophyll contains vitamins and antioxidants. In addition, there is data to support that these substances may play a role in slowing or inhibiting the production of cancer cells. From animal studies, it was found that Chlorophyll may inhibit the development of cancer cells in many organs. Like the liver and stomach