COVID-19 coexistence period more important than distance

COVID-19 coexistence period more important than distance. Read on to find research news suggesting that COVID-19 addiction is a matter of length of stay in buildings. More important than spacing Because even though wearing a mask Then stay away from each other But living together in a crowded place for a long time is likely to be infected with COVID .

This story is based on research by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the United States by Professor Martin. Basant and Professor John Bush conducted research. The risk of COVID-19 exposure in buildings was experimented with factors that may influence transmission, such as length of stay in the building. Air circulation Immunization Wearing a mask Among the activities that happened. Whether it is talking Eating together, singing.

coexistence period more important than distance..

Therefore, spacing 6 feet (1.8 meters) is unlikely to be of great benefit even when wearing a face mask. ” The fact that people coexist under a building or in a closed place Inhalation While wearing a mask, the breathing air is circulated in a confined space. The air travels up and down and circulates within the room. Making it at risk of contracting COVID-19 Rather than even spacing .Germs droplets have a chance to travel through the indoor air.

 When someone talks, breathes, or eats It is well known that air propagation plays a large role in the spread of COVID-19 in the latter as compared to previous periods. To focus on the frequent hand washing

Therefore, an important factor that was overlooked was that the longer the house, room and building with an infected person, the greater the chance of transmission and infection. Spacing doesn’t help you that much, and it can also make you feel wrongly safe indoors. Because no matter what distance you are spacing 6 feet (1.8 meters) is the same risk as you are 60 feet (18 meters), everyone in the area is equally at risk.

In conclusion, if people are 6 feet or 60 feet away, they have the same chance of contracting COVID indoors. Because the air that a person inhales while wearing a mask tends to move up and down inside the room.

Therefore, individuals are at a greater risk of contracting COVID-19 from the air around them than by spacing them. But the risk is less if that area Have good ventilation

Called the findings, it challenges a global recommendation of six-foot (six-foot) social spacing for people to prevent COVID-19 infection. Of the World Health Organization (WHO) ever. The researchers identified significant variations at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization. (WHO) overlooked is the length of time people stay together inside a building.

Because if a person has lived with an infected person for how long. The chances of getting infected will only increase. In addition, research indicates Opening windows or installing a fan to allow more air movement. It can be more efficient than spending a lot of money to install a new air filter system.

The results of this research indicate that. If any area is properly ventilated, that area can make it a safe place. Even if the number of people is full of the capacity of the place.

After reading it, it makes me think that Time spent together with large numbers is more important than spacing. So we shouldn’t be together for a long time. To live with a small number of people There are no long-term activities in groups. Stay in a well-ventilated place These things should make us less vulnerable to infection, right? Or what do you read? Let me tell you about it !!