Disease isolation of Food poisoning

Disease isolation of Food poisoning, diarrhea, frequent watery diarrhea Or diarrhea There can be a number of reasons that are common.

1. If you have a fever In addition to food poisoning. It may also be due to other reasons such as

– Viral diarrhea, often found in children, is caused by a wide variety of viral infections. And may find that it is at the same time many people. Because they can communicate with each other Patients will have high fever, fatigue, vomiting, watery diarrhea, which can last up to a week.

– With dysentery, Shigella initially has high fever, fatigue, frequent watery diarrhea. There may be vomiting with another 12-24 hours later, symptoms of watery diarrhea decreased. But became taken as a mucus or bloody mucus As if taking photos, not the most pain. I want to keep taking pictures.

2.If there is no fever, it may cause by other reasons such as

– Cause by common drugs, such as laxatives (eg salt, laxative, magnesia, senna), antacids, gout medication (colchicine), antibiotics, etc., causing abdominal pain. 

– Cause by eating toxins, including chemicals (such as pesticides, arsenic, lead, mercury), poisonous plants (such as poisonous mushrooms, wild yam), poisonous animals (such as puffer, cupfish, sea shell, toad). belly And may have other complications. Such as muscle weakness, stop breathing, convulsions, numbness around the lips or face, jaundice, etc.

– Cholera is cause by eating food or drinking water contaminated with cholera. Have abdominal pain, diarrhea Or often emptied into water Like food poisoning. There may be an outbreak of disease in the patient’s neighborhood.