Do we need to eat Collagen?

Do we need to eat Collagen? Collagen is an insoluble extracellular matrix protein. It acts like a glue that holds skin cells, ligaments, joints, fascia, blood vessel walls and muscles tight and firm. Some people call collagen as the  “ glue of life ”   because collagen serves to connect cells in the body, including helping to protect internal organs and connect various organs. To be together . Importantly, the skin cells in our body are composed of collagen up to 75%, so if our body lacks collagen, it will result in saggy skin. Wrinkled and lacking water, sure enough.

Benefits of collagen

There are many benefits of collagen . Some of the outstanding benefits include helping to maintain the health of the skin and hair. Increase skin elasticity , moisture , skin water loss. Makes the skin firm, smooth,  is a great way to take care of your face. and helps the skin cells to shed cells and repair cells normally Helps strengthen nails, hair and teeth because collagen is an important component of nails, hair and teeth. It also helps reduce joint injuries and deterioration. Therefore, the benefits of collagen for girls. There is also a need for the elderly or those who are at risk, such as   Athletes who require heavy physical movement as well.

In conclusion, do we have to eat more collagen or not?

To be honest, it might not be necessary for the general public. because the food we eat today There are all collagen, girls who are looking for collagen products, skin care  , face cream, collagen cream. Did you know that in the food we eat, there is already collagen to nourish the skin. Whether it is beans, all kinds of soy products?

Green leafy vegetables of all kinds , such as kale , lettuce, lettuce , spinach, cabbage, kale and asparagus vegetables – red fruits such as tomatoes, peppers, red beets , carrots Sweet potato or a cucumber , olive green and black olives, too. It is a vegetable that is important in enhancing collagen as well.

How many types of collagen are there ?

Nowadays, there are various forms of collagen that are sold in the market. Whether in the form of a face cream, oral or injectable Let’s take a closer look at each type of collagen that is beneficial to our skin. How can we take care of our facial skin?

1.  Collagen injection

This can be performed by a dermatologist who uses a special tool to bring collagen into the deeper layers of the skin. Or it may be thread lifting, laser shooting, which stimulates the creation of new collagen under the skin layer. The cost is quite high. and the results are not permanent Therefore, it must be repeated repeatedly .

2. Collagen powder or tablet type

It is a collagen powder that comes in a box. in the sachet and then mixed with drinking water Or collagen tablets that you eat like a supplement for girls who are looking for collagen to eat.  Popular Collagen Brands that people eat the most, such as

  • Morinaga Collagen

Collagen drink 10,000 mg with vitamin C and fruit juice. Contains vitamin C that when taken along with vitamin C Then collagen can be absorbed well. And make the body able to strengthen collagen better Importantly, it has a fat value of 0, suitable for people who are on a diet. Can drink every day without worrying about weight.