Do you eat fat corn? There is an answer!

          It’s hard to say whether eating corn makes you fat or not fat. Because eating corn actually doesn’t make you fat. If we eat in moderation. Which is about half a pod to one pod per day. But if we eat more than that can risk making you fat menu. Because corn is a source of carbohydrates, sugar, plus a high amount of calories. When eating a lot or often, it will cause weight gain easily. 

And eating half a cob also gives the same energy as 1 ladle of steamed rice. Therefore, to prevent the body from getting too many carbohydrates. Therefore, we should not eat with other carbohydrate menu. 

Such as Kanom Jeen, glutinous rice, noodles, and various starchy foods in the same meal. and if at any meal we have already eaten corn. It should also reduce the amount of steamed rice or other flour about half a ladle. UFABET So that the body will not get more energy from carbohydrates than necessary, sure enough.

 In addition, eating foods that have processed. Such as popcorn, corn flakes, must be careful and should strictly eat according to the serving size specified in the nutrition. Because that’s the amount that your body should be getting each day. However, processed foods tend to add a little bit of sugar. So if you really want to lose weight, we recommend eating boiled corn.