Drink coffee on an empty stomach, you know? May have negative effects

Drink coffee on an empty stomach, you know? May have negative effects. Coffee, a popular drink that many people drink in the morning, because drinking coffee will make us feel sleepy and ready to go to work. But did you know that drinking ufabet coffee while on an empty stomach can cause an unbelievable malfunction in the body? Because coffee contains caffeine, which has effects on the nervous system and hormones. How does drinking coffee on an empty stomach affect what is it? Let’s see.

Affects the absorption of minerals

The caffeine from coffee blocks the absorption of calcium. Zinc and iron. Therefore, drinking coffee makes the body not absorb calcium. And minerals that will enter the body Or very little absorption that causes inadequate mineralization. Which will affect various systems In the body quite a lot.

Causing stomach ulcers

The caffeine in coffee is a weak acidic. If drinking on an empty stomach will cause irritation. In addition, coffee will stimulate the production of gastric juice in the body. Therefore, drinking coffee in the morning on an empty stomach. It can cause irritation and ulcers in the stomach easily.

Have palpitations

Caffeine contained in coffee It is considered a addictive substance. This helps in stimulating the activity of the brain and nervous system. Makes the heart beat faster If you have been exposed to an excessive amount of caffeine It will make the heart tremble, restless and unable to concentrate.

Decreased appetite

Drinking coffee on an empty stomach Will make the next meal feel less hungry I don’t want to eat anything. And when this happens, our bodies can use less energy. And cause the body to go into a malnutrition mode Which the effect that follows is The body is weak, is easily sick, and the metabolism deteriorates.

Cause weight gain

Drinking coffee in the morning can make us feel full. But the amount of drinking is increasing every day Would risk causing weight gain Because coffee contains milk. Sugar and creamer in large quantities

Risk of osteoporosis

caffeine contributes to the urge to urinate. But drinking coffee on an empty stomach causes frequent urination. And when drinking for a long time, the body will lose large amounts of calcium in urine. And enter the condition of osteoporosis

However, drinking coffee in the morning of working people It can be inevitable, so if you want to drink it, drink it in moderation. Not too bland and should choose to drink black coffee without added sugar or use a sweetener instead of sugar. To prevent obesity and other consequences That follows after that.