Drinking ginger tea when the weather changes to relieve migraine pain.

Drinking ginger tea when the weather changes to relieve migraine pain. A research paper from The New ufabet Center for Headache found that 62 percent of people with migraine believe the weather is responsible for their headaches. However Looking back at the headache history and weather data, 51 percent of the patients experienced weather-induced migraine pain.

drinking ginger

In addition The changing seasons can also result in migraine pain attacks. Paula explains that Especially in the spring It was during the time when most migraine patients were hospitalized. This is because pollen, which is a trigger for migraine pain, is high in the air.

Summer addition Can aggravate migraines Because the heat and light from the sun can trigger migraine pain. Especially people with a type of migraine that saw flicker and then relapse. Therefore have to be extra careful Thai traditional medicine explains that During the changing of the seasons, the body elements and four elements in the body need to be balanced in order for the body to function normally. So if someone is weak or has a drop element Will result in illness.

drinking ginger


Eating ginger or drinking ginger tea can help balance the body to a certain extent. Because the ginger doesn’t taste too hot There is warmth in the body. Therefore can help adjust the circulatory system. In addition, ginger has properties to relieve nausea, vomiting, dizziness. Which is the pre-emptive symptom of migraine pain. In addition, research has shown that Ginger has the effect of reducing the production of prostaglandins. (Prostaglandin) that causes pain and inflammation as well.
How to eat boiled as tea and drink. Using 10 grams of ginger, boiled in moderately hot water, sipping frequently, or eating 250 mg capsules 2 times a day, morning-evening and before bedtime. Or when having symptoms