Get rid of stress

          Get rid of stress ,Before unaware to pick up any food into his mouth. Allegedly eating to relieve stress Let’s take a look at what foods can actually help relieve stress.

Rice – bread

Get rid of stress

          when the body has starch or nutrients in the carbohydrate group. It increases the amount of a chemical in the brain called “serotonin” , which this substance acts to calm the brain. Therefore, after eating a full meal, we feel relaxed and comfortable. But if you eat too much from your comfort and stress, you can become drowsy instead.

          As for desserts that you can eat and feel comfortable and get rid of stress, such as ice cream, sweet ufabet drink, dessert, etc., it is because the sugar in the dessert becomes powder And add “serotonin” to the brain. To relieve stress. But if you accidentally eat too much, your weight may also jump as a bonus.


         in addition to having sweet sugars, can be eaten as well as moistened the throat. Chocolate also contains Theobromine and phenyl ethylamine. That will help people to eat happily Plus, the fat in chocolate also increases the amount of “endorphins” , the happy hormone in the brain.

Get rid of stress

          Listening like this, the chocolate followers would be delighted to be all round. I would like to say that something like this has to be attached to the middle wire to eat, but just right, otherwise there is a problem. “It’s all fat.” You can’t come to blame.


Get rid of stress

          don’t you imagine that bananas have this special feature? Remember that the banana contains magnesium and vitamin B2, which are nutrients that help relax the muscles and the nervous system to function well.

          This time it’s probably going to Bang Oh already. Why Mom Babana Split? Walking comfortably out of the ice cream shop everywhere.

Warm milk

Get rid of stress

          When talking about milk, many people would think of calcium first. But in milk there are also vitamin B2 and vitamin D that help the nervous system. And although there are no substances that help the brain to relax directly But drinking warm milk before bed will help you sleep better. Therefore, anyone who is stressed Worried that I can’t sleep Remember to think about a glass of warm milk (if you are afraid of fat, choose Low Fat Non Sugar)

if you are stressed next time. Before accidentally picking something into his mouth To walk in the middle line a little Knowing how to eat properly and properly will help your body balance better.