Health care tips.

How to health care tips. You can it everyday to easy healthy care. Let’s to see it.

Exercise in the morning

Starting from the moment you wake up. Do one lazy twist first. Lazy twist is considered a daily routine that will become a healthy addition to the body. It is a simple exercise of the body with slow breathing in and out. Combined with stretching and loosening of muscles in every movement. Calm the mind when doing the right routine.

This causes the spine and muscles to bend or twist from work. Adjusting to a state of equilibrium brain and organs get more oxygen make the blood circulate to nourish the organs effectively.

The excretion of waste products from tissues throughout the body is complete. It makes us feel clear, light, comfortable, radiant skin, clear mind and helps prevent various kinds of illnesses. By waking up. We may be lazy once and then continue with yoga for about 15 minutes. Just this is considered a good start to the working day.

Exercise in the evening

It is recommended to do vigorous exercise like going to the gym or fitness. Exercise your body to be able to sweat for about 30 minutes or 1 hour. But if you have to travel to work somewhere. Space is limited and cannot enter the gym or fitness center. Should be doing Body Weight exercises instead, that is, lifting the dumbbells in place. Do exercises that don’t take up a lot of space. It can exercise the body well even with limited space.

Mental health care

In addition to physical health Take care of your mental health. It is recommended to practice meditation. perceived in every moment Practice listening a lot to create a conscious understanding. The secret is to bring the principles of Buddhism to help. We can think and analyze things. be delicate and ethical know how to let go

In addition to taking good care of your own mental health You have to be careful to take care of the health of the people around you. For those who are far away from each other or rarely live together should communicate with each other regularly Using a way to share good stories with good words can create more positive feelings.

Diet care

Focus on eating more fruits and vegetables. It will make you sleep well, excrete normally or take vitamin supplements as a helper, such as vitamins in the parts that we lack in various maintenance, vitamin C, vitamin B or multivitamin.

Just like this, you can be healthy even if you have to work hard. but must be performed in an appropriate manner Make sure you get enough rest. Discipline with body management control diet and manage working time appropriately