How does walking work?

 How does walking work? If you’ve ever wondered how much health benefits can you just walk with? How many minutes, days, or years of walking for weight loss? so what benefits will the body benefit each minute?

How does walking work

Walking for 1-5 minutes

          from walking to exercise only a few steps. The body stimulates the release of energy-generating chemicals in the cells. To fuel our walks At the same time, the pulse accelerates to approximately 70-100 beats per minute. This will stimulate blood circulation and warm the muscles.

          In addition, the stiff and taut synovial will begin to loosen. Because joints automatically release lubricating fluid to make movement easier. And as we move. The body burns 5 kilocalories per minute. As a result, the body needs more fuel as energy to walk. At this point, the body begins to extract the accumulated carbohydrates and fats.

How does walking work

Walking for 6-10 minutes

          When you start walking to 6-10 minutes, your pulse beats faster. The body will burn energy to 6 kilocalories per minute. And when you step on your feet, your blood pressure will increase slightly. During this period, the blood vessels will expand to allow more oxygen to enter the muscles.

How does walking work
during Walking for 11-20 minutes          

When you walk for the 11th minute, your body temperature will continue to rise and sweat begins as the blood vessels near the skin expand. The body began to emit heat. And when walking became stronger The body will burn more up to 7 kilocalories per minute. Along with the respiratory rate will speed up At the same time, more hormones such as Epinephrine and Glucagon are released. To add fuel to active muscles 

Walking for 21-45 minutes

  From the 21st minute of walking Your body will feel more energized. And feel more relaxed Because the body reduces the tension This is partly due to feel-good chemicals, such as increased endorphines in the brain. As more fat is burned, insulin (which helps fat storage) is reduced, which is good for overweight and diabetic people.

Walking exercise 46-60 minutes
           After reaching the 46th minute, until the 60th minute exercise, your muscles may begin to feel fatigued as the amount of carbohydrates stored in your body decreases. And when the body begins to cool down Pulse will slow down and breathe more slowly. The metabolic rate is also reduced. But still at a higher metabolic level than when you first started walking And the number of calories burned will stay level for about an hour even after you stop walking. You see, exercise walking has many benefits for the body. And it is also a great way to exercise that helps you burn calories. Therefore, people who used to think that walking did not seem to be ufabet beneficial. You have to change your mind again and start walking some time. Thanks for information from