How to cope when being bully?

 Talking thoughtlessly could be another bully. And the person who was hit by a bully might lose his or her feelings. And it hurts deeply for a long time. How to deal with this feeling and health care?

1. Try not to respond to bullying.

          When being bullied, insulted, no matter how hard it is, try to turn your ears against the wind and ignore those words. People who bully us can feel like talking to the wall until the end of the fun. Because if responding or arguing back every time, it may cause the matter to escalate into a big one.

2. Do not respond with violence.

          We can express our dissatisfaction. but should not retaliate with violence because it may cause the other party to blame us and will become a social defendant The risk of being seen worse

How to deal with bullying

3. Keep some evidence

          We should protect ourselves with some kind of evidence that someone bullies us. It could be an audio clip or a photograph that shows how we are being bullied. How many times has it been to consult with teachers, parents, or if there is a serious matter, so that they can be brought to prosecute

4. Consult an adult

          Try consulting with an adult. It could be a teacher, supervisor, or family member. to being bullied At least being able to vent to someone can help us feel more comfortable. Also, consulting someone you can trust, you can rely on, will also make you feel safe. It’s comforting that there is always someone beside us.

5. Cut off with the bully

          If you come across a Mabuli, try to stay away from him as much as possible. Or if hit by a bully on social media, manage to block all contact channels.

6. Let it go

          Sure, we might have wounds from bullies. But if we hold on to it, think over and over again about what has been done It could be endless self-harm. We should therefore accept the fact that we cannot change the person who bullies him to do good to us. But what we can change is a bad idea that keeps repeating itself, so let’s just let go and get on with life. And see the value in yourself more.

7. See a psychiatrist or psychologist.

          If you’re feeling really bad, life is dark on eight sides. Can’t find a way out for myself Consider consulting a psychologist or psychiatrist to help heal the wounds in your heart so that you can get past Bully.

8. Legal Prosecution

          Many cases of bullying, such as physical abuse sexual harassment Posting false messages will cause damage. Or being share privately consider an offense under the law able to collect evidence to report litigation.