IMMUNITY BOOSTING FOOD is a recipe that does not contain toxins. Eat to help strengthen the landscape. By introducing tips on how to eat food, add life to the Immune System column “Build a new life through the spirit” in the ufabet newspaper said.

Food to reduce toxins Add antioxidants What kind of things will we have today?

Let’s persuade them to cook for themselves. With a simple principle that

1. The nutrients of each food must be in the A grade.

2. Must be delicious

Here is one meal.

1. Rice, of course, must be white rice. Brown rice or brown rice is fine, red rice is fine, or you can eat Doi If you like bread, use whole wheat bread, if you want to make the flour foods more flavorful. Both starchy and protein-rich groups can be combined with starchy foods, including pumpkin, sweet potato, starchy potatoes. But no protein

2. Broccoli, other vegetables, such as spinach, followed by broccoli, kale, Chinese kale, Hong Kong kale, these green leafy vegetables contain the most vitamin B6 and also contain vitamin E, folic acid. Help maintain white blood cells and good red blood cells. Because it stimulates the bone marrow to create blood well.

3. Protein Use both vegetable protein and meat together. From plants we recommend soybeans and black beans. Along with introducing tofu as well At the same time, fish protein is also recommended, along with plant proteins, peas, which contain vitamin B6, folic, calcium, magnesium.Tofu does not contain B6, but other substances are found in nuts. Tuna and salmon contain high amounts of B6, B12, and provide adequate amounts of vitamin E, calcium, magnesium and potassium to meet the body’s needs.

4. Miscellaneous First, seaweed can be used to make soup or stir fry. Unsweetened fruit such as papaya, watermelon, jujube, do not forget to eat pumpkin seeds 2 handfuls of sunflower seeds each.

“The Harvard Health Publishing section of the article ‘How to boost your immune system’ states that if the body is deficient in essential minerals and vitamins, including zinc, selenium, iron, copper, folic acid, vitamin A, vitamin B6, vitamin C and vitamin E, Affects the function of the immune system “

Therefore, if you want to promote the immune system to work effectively Choose ingredients in these 9 groups to cook. Drinks or eaten as a snack between meals. If it is a raw material that is organic, fresh, clean, emphasizes the natural flavor Will get the nutritional value When cooking food, make sure to season it as needed.