Macular degeneration Incurable But we can slow down

Macular degeneration Incurable But we can slow down the deterioration In a simple way. Macular degeneration diseases. That the elderly should be aware of With warning signs, eyes blurred, seeing distorted images Seeing straight lines, crooked lines, and reduced color vision. Although incurable, but can slow down the deterioration.

 It is a degenerative disease in the central part of the retina. When older And it is a major reason for the visual impairment of the elderly. The disease can find in people aged 50 and over, so it is often macular degeneration due to age. But macular degeneration may be found in younger people. Which often happen in people with a family history of this diseasehttps.

Macular degeneration Incurable

The symptom of macular degeneration distort vision. See straight lines as crooked lines. The central part of the image is not visible. Looking at the picture requires more light. And reduced color vision A risk factor for macular degeneration is age, most commonly in people over 50 hereditary, with 50% of patients having a previous family history. It is more common in females than males. 

There are two types of macular degeneration:

Type 1, dry or slow degeneration. It is the most common type. With retinal cells gradually Slowly deteriorate Vision decreases with age.

Type 2, wet or early, 10-15% of macular degeneration disease occurs. There will be a sudden loss of vision immediately. As a result of the image of the center of the retina is swollen.

There is currently no cure for this disease. But can stop or slow down So that the retinal deterioration is as slow as possible. There are treatments including injections, low-energy lasers, and photosensitive agents. High power laser And a number of ways to share Each treatment has both advantages and disadvantages. Because each patient’s body responds differently, before treating an ophthalmologist, the relative patient should discuss the best treatment option.

Deputy Director-General, Department of Medical Services Added that Macular degeneration, although it cannot cure. But can prevent macular degeneration by Regularly have regular eye checkups. Especially in people over 50 years old or with a family history of macular degeneration, refrain from smoking, choosing foods that contain antioxidants such as green leafy vegetables and fruits, etc. can prevent retinal detachment