“MSG” is not dangerous if eaten in moderation.

“MSG” is not dangerous if eaten in moderation. It is generally understood that ” MSG ” is the enemy of our body. Eat and will lose hair. It is harmful to the body in many ways, but in fact The umami flavor that comes from MSG is not always harmful to the body. If eating MSG properly In the right amount MSG has the same health benefits.

"MSG" is not dangerous

Origin of MSG

Professor Dr. Kikunae Ikeda, Japanese chemist Discover the umami flavor from MSG. Defined as In addition to the sour, sweet, salty and bitterness flavors, the “5th basic taste” has led to the production of industrial form of glutamate. Creating the world’s first seasoning company In japan

MSG is produced from natural food fermentation process. Like sugar cane molasses And sugar from cassava starch Until you get a small crystal Pure white We call it MSG.

Glutamate is an amino acid that contributes to its delicious, mellow, or umami flavor. By this glutamate It can occur naturally and is found in a wide variety of ingredients that are eaten every day. Including cured or fermented foods such as cheese, soy sauce, shrimp paste, fish sauce, as well as tomatoes and mushrooms. 

Table salt is higher in sodium than MSG.

Contrary to popular belief MSG contains two thirds less sodium than table salt, reducing sodium in food by up to 40% without losing its flavor. Both inside and outside the country, such as the Food Science and Technology Association of Thailand And the World Health Organization has proven that MSG is safe for consumption.

Is MSG dangerous?

Asst. Prof. Surasak Kantchuwessiri Executive Director of the Nephrology Society of Thailand said that there have not been any clinical studies showing that MSG causes a specific health problem, whether it is vitamin deficiency. Glaucoma Weakens the immune system Or being the cause of mental retardation It has never been shown that anyone has ever died from consuming MSG.

Its causes allergic reactions?

Some people who ingest MSG have allergic reactions such as thirst, mouth swelling, and swelling, possibly because they have a particularly sensitive sensory system to MSG. Even if you eat a little However, in some people who consume MSG and numb the tongue, mouth and throat. The symptoms may improve in 2-3 hours, not life threatening. Or to accumulate in the body to do any harm in the future

Is that the causes hair loss?

Prof. Prawit Asavanont, Head of Dermatology Department (Skin unit) states that MSG is not the cause of hair loss, bald hair is just a myth. Because factors that cause hair loss, bald hair comes from the body such as heredity, hormones and other factors. That didn’t come from food.

Benefits of MSG

If eaten properly MSG is also beneficial for the body.

The umami flavor of MSG It can help increase the craving for the patient. Including the elderly who have a less appetite Little MSG in food Can add more appetizing to food.

The appetite stimulation comes from the umami flavor in MSG. Which in addition to making the food taste mellow and more appetizing Umami also stimulates the salivary glands to work better. Reduce the problem of dry mouth Easier to chew food Perceive the taste of food more clearly.