Techniques to eat well to escape depression.

Techniques to eat well to escape depression from this information, it is clear that The power of food can actually affect your risk of depression or depression.

Good food consumption is diverse. It seems to be a way to help escape depression and to fight depression. It can be used as a part of the treatment of depression quite well. Let’s take a look at what kinds of food ingredients can help you take your grief out of your heart.

1.Eat purple food Don’t worry

Techniques to eat well and escape depression

In the purple food raw materials from nature such as pea flowers, purple rice, black purple potato, etc., There is a substance called “Anthocyanin”, which has the effect of stimulating memory. Help relieve stress, anxiety and sleep faster. In addition, these substances are antioxidants for the body as well.

2. Reduce sweetness, reduce sadness

Techniques to eat well and escape depression

The consumption of sweet food Or simple carbohydrates on a regular basis Will increase the amount of sugar in the blood When this happens, the body becomes stressed. If faced with such conditions on a regular basis May lead to symptoms of depression and depression. Moreover, the sugar that the body is not using will also be converted to storage as fat. Cause obesity Which contributes to depression. This is because research has shown that people who exceed the normal BMI of the body standard are more prone to depression.

Therefore, reducing sweetness and turning to complex carbohydrate consumption It is considered to help reduce the incidence of high blood sugar. This reduces the risk of depression.

3. Want to cure sadness, we have to be delicious with “chilli”

Under the red chilli ridge Rich in capsaicin. When we eat the chili This substance binds to TRPV1 in the brain. Resulting in reduced pain and depression. That makes when eating spicy or spicy ufabet papaya salad, it feels like a relief, isn’t it right?

From the above information Will see that connection When capsaicin Stimulate insulin secretion. It will result in lower blood sugar levels. Help reduce stress of the body. Thus reducing the risk of depression or depression.

However, even chili can be antidepressant. But its spiciness irritates the stomach. Therefore should be consumed in moderation.