Trans fats are found in what foods?

         Trans fats are found in what foods? We can see that Trans fats are found in products. Such as cheeses, margarine and shortening. Which are a staple in some pastries and bakeries.  Transfats were in equal amounts of 100 g of baked and fried foods, and transfats are in many foods. Here, we would like to give 10 examples of sweets that contain high amounts of trans fat as follows:

Transfats are found in what foods

Bavarian Donuts

          Transfat contain 675 mg / 100 g, or if eating one piece of Bavarian donut 55 g, it contained 371 mg of trans fat per piece. By providing energy 177 kcal per piece of.

Chocolate coated wafers.

          396 mg transfat in 100 g chocolate-coated wafers or simply equivalent, eat 3 chocolate-coated wafers (30 g) get 119 mg trans fat, 163 kcal of energy,

Tuna pie.

          100 grams of ufabet tuna pie has 395 milligrams of trans fat. The one piece of 55 grams of tuna pie found 217 milligrams of trans fat, 225 kilocalories energy.

Cake filled with custard cream.

          In 100 g of cake stuffed with custard cream there is a transfat. If you eat 378 mg or 2 pieces (quantity of 55 grams) contains about 208 mg of transfat and 239 kcal energy.

toffee cake.

          100 grams of toffee cake contains 374 milligrams of trans fat. While 40 grams of toffee cake provides 189 kcal and 149 milligrams of trans fat.

snacks, chicken legs.

          100 grams of delicious chicken leg snack contains 288 milligrams of trans fat, and in simple terms, 60 chicken legs (30 grams) contains 86 milligrams of trans fat and 162 kcal.