What is Surf Skate and how is it different from Skateboard?

          Surf Skate is a combination of skateboards. And surfing is an extreme sport with a plank attached to a wheel as playing equipment. The surf skates are similar to Surf Board or surf board. Just attach the wheels and adjust the size to suit movement on land.

Surf Skate

          However, if I wonder if surf skates and ufabet skateboards are different or not Must answer that they are slightly different Where the surfboard’s board is not as strong as a skateboard’s board. Because it emphasizes movement that is faster than a skateboard Play time, so it uses less force than a skateboard. And it can also be rotated left-right or rotated 360 degrees easier than a skateboard.How to play Surf Skate

          1. Wear all safety equipment Both helmets, knee pads, elbow pads, gloves to prevent any accidents that may occur.

          2. Try moving your feet up on a surf skate, weight your body with your legs and front feet centered on the truck. Or the front of the board For the rear legs, place them at the end of the board.

          3. Try to balance your weight in a stable point.

          4. If you want the board to move forward First, use your rear feet to plow to allow the board to move first. Then slowly pull your feet up and place the bottom of the board. Can balance the balance And try to practice balance in this position until used.

          5. When you are able to balance on a surf skate, try twisting and swinging your arms. Using the hips as a body to exercise direction of movement.

          Known as a sport, it must have more or less health benefits. The benefits of Surf Skate are good for health as follows.

1. It is a cardio and weight training exercise.  

Don’t think that surfing is a very light sport. Because I actually took in, I was tired and sweaty too Because they can both run and contract their muscles It’s like doing cardio and weight training at the same time.

2. Helps to balance 

 Because it is a sport that relies on balance to aid movement, so surfing and skating can help us develop balance skills. And help them learn how to balance the body

3. Helps to train the coordination skills of different muscles. 

In addition to having to stand firmly on the Surf Skate To force the Surf Skate to move, you need to exert a combination of different muscles, including the glutes, leg muscles, pectoral muscles, shoulders, and arms.

4. It enhances personality and confidence.   

With a surf skate’s balance and fluttering behavior, we have to automatically adjust the posture of the body. Personality will improve. And the fact that we can surf and skate can also help increase confidence. As we can see other people play and feel that he is cool.

5. Relieve stress  

Just to move freely With the wind in the face Believe it or not, just this can make you feel relaxed, and surfing skating feels fun.

6. Make new friends    

Interaction with people around it is not less beneficial for health. Especially people who are running out of power Uninspired, stressed, and distracted, getting out and about and meeting people. Exchanged stories with each other Makes me forget the stress My own sadness is going to be the same..