When is the best time to take vitamin C ?

When is vitamin C taken to get the most benefit? Before meals, after meals or before bedtime. How to take vit-C correctly? Can you answer? For your healthy.

         Supplements like ” Vitamin C “ are very popular. Especially during the rainy and cold season, a lot of people get the flu. So I bought a vit-C tablet to eat by myself. to help increase the immune system for the body So that you won’t get sick easily, but there are questions as well. How much vit-C supplementation should we take like this and when should we take it? the body to get the most efficiency

Benefits of Vitamin C

          Vitamin C, or ascorbic acid, is a water-soluble vitamin that cannot be synthesized by humans. The benefits of vitamin C are many, such as
          – is an antioxidant
          – stimulate the function of white blood cells
          – repair cells that are worn out from free radicals in the body
          – helps in the growth of tissues in the body
          – rejuvenate the body after exercise Because it reduces muscle inflammation.
          – Treat and prevent scurvy. or scurvy
          – reduce allergy symptoms
          – absorb certain minerals better, such as iron         

   – wound heal faster
– build collagen
          – Nourishes skin and is good for women’s health 

When is the best time to take vitamin C ?

          Miss Wariya Sararattana gave the answer on the website of the Drug Archives. Faculty of Pharmacy Mahidol University that actually can take any time depending on convenience. But it is recommended not to eat on an empty stomach. It is best to take it with meals or after meals, for example 2 times a day after meals or 3 times a day after meals because food will help the body absorb to use. And to prevent stomach irritation from the acid of vit-C as well. according to report by ufabet