Conate amazed by Mbappe second goal against Dutchman.

France defender Ibraima Conate admits Kylian Mbappe second goal of the game was a stunning strike. France defeated the Netherlands national football team 2-1 in the Euro 2024 qualifying round, Group B, on Friday night. Resulting in Les Bleus winning six matches in a row and successfully securing a ticket to play in the final round in Germany.

After the game, Liverpool’s defense discussed many points. One of which was Kylian Mbappe beautiful goal in the second half. UFABET Which was a chance to cross Adrien Rabiot before the captain’s striker Spins right into the net.

“Especially his second goal (laughs) he was really amazing. I had expressed my condolences to him on the loss of a family member a few days earlier. It was a very beautiful tribute.”

Konate also spoke about working with Lucas Hernandez as a central defender for the France national team.

“For the first time There is a lot of communication. It went well. There is also Shonatan Gloss who is a new player for us. I am very happy. But a little disappointed that the goal was lost.

“It spoils our continuity. It was a goal. I know it’s difficult. But we will try to set ourselves a goal of not conceding goals in the next games.”