Deschamps teases the media that they can’t find a point in teasing Mbappe.

France national team coach Didier Deschamps expressed his regret to the media for not being able to find things to attack Kylian Mbappe. After the striker scored two goals in the last football match.

France defeated the Netherlands national team 2-1 in the Euro 2024 qualifying round, Group B, on Friday night. Resulting in Les Bleus winning six matches in a row and securing a ticket to play in the final round in Germany.

“Ah, that’s right. He’s not in good shape. He responded from his performance on the field. I want to express my condolences to you (journalists) as well.” Deschamps said.UFABET

“It’s not just the performance you see on the field. Even if it has to be something that appears on the field. But he also played through tough times. Mbappe a team captain, a leader, he’s not alone but he’s important.

In addition, ‘Dede’ also answered questions about replacing Shonatan Gloss. A right-back who was showing good form, from the game in the 80th minute. And after that the team conceded a goal immediately after being punched in the area.

“I am not upset at all because Shonatan felt a tightness in his thigh. He put in a lot of effort.

“The result was the result we wanted. In the first half, when we lost the ball, We give them the opportunity. But we weren’t put under too much pressure.”

In the past, Deschamps gave other players Has always served as a press conference instead of Mbappe. Which according to the old tradition, Atletico usually has the team captain be the one to give a press conference along with the coach the day before going on the field.