Didier aims to take French as the team to be seeded in the final round.

Didier Deschamps, coach of the French national team is pleased to have progressed to the final round. But the next goal is to be a football team.

French defeated the Netherlands national team 2-1 in the Euro 2024 qualifying round, Group B, on Friday night. Resulting in Les Bleus winning six matches in a row and successfully securing a ticket to play in the final round in Germany.

“We have to start again after such a big disappointment. (in the 2022 World Cup finals) including the factors of players retiring from playing and people who are missing.” UFABET said the 54-year-old coach.

“The reality is that most of them who were with us during the last World Cup have grown a lot. We must not overlook the importance of this point. 

“We made it to the finals but it is never easy. Qualifying for the final round with two matches remaining But the team still has areas to improve. I’m proud of what the team did. This was very successful. You must praise them. We are in the finals and will be number 1 in the group.

“Personally, I have to make sure I do things. correctly and appropriately. It depends on joint management. They have played at the highest level before. Some of them have been world champions. And we are looking for a chance to qualify for the finals (Euro).

“After that, there is always a possibility to develop the work. Now I have another goal to achieve. We have to enter as a top-5 team (in Europe to be seeded). Coming in as number 1 (in the group) may not be enough.”