Hartman cheers not the best in his debut, but the Netherlands lose.

Netherlands left-back Quelindci Hartman admits he is not happy despite scoring on his debut. Because the football team was defeated by France.

Netherlands missed out on a 1-2 loss to the French national team in the Euro 2024 qualifying round, Group B, last Friday night. Making the Dutch generals now have 9 points from 5 games played. Behind second-placed Greece 3 points more than one game.

“First of all I feel sad because we didn’t get the results we wanted. Football is a team sport. Therefore, we cannot be happy about defeat. But personally, I’m proud of my debut. UFABET Two or three years ago it was not a trend. (that it will happen) at all

“We expected that they would wait for us to attack and make mistakes when playing the ball through the midfield. Then they had fast forwards Mbappe, Coman and Golo Mouani. So yes, they played as expected. I think we did very well. But in the end it wasn’t enough.

“It’s always good when players come into the team and today three or four made their debuts. That’s the good thing about Dutch football. We can be proud of this.

“I received the ball [on goal] and was playing between the defenders and I saw Bergwijn running deep. So I coordinated with him. Then it was inserted through. I know the goalkeeper will be wary of crosses. So I shot at the first post.”

When talking about the Netherlands, this set.

 The most outstanding player is probably Virgil van Dijk, a defender who is regarded as one of the best defenders in the world in this era. Part of the Netherlands’ performance was not good in Euro 2020, partly because of the lack of Van Dijk to control the defence. And this will be his first major tournament with the national team. And he definitely wants to take the team as far as possible.