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How to cope when being bully?

 Talking thoughtlessly could be another bully. And the person who was hit by a bully might lose his or her feelings. And it hurts deeply for a long time. How to deal with this feeling and health care? 1. Try not to respond to bullying.           When

When is the best time to take vitamin C ?

When is vitamin C taken to get the most benefit? Before meals, after meals or before bedtime. How to take vit-C correctly? Can you answer? For your healthy.          Supplements like ” Vitamin C “ are very popular. Especially during the rainy and cold season, a lot of people get

Take care of your kidneys.

Kidneys are one of the most important organs in the body. Serves to drive waste out of the body and many other functions. Therefore, taking care of the kidneys is imperative to pay attention to every detail related to daily healthy life. so that the kidneys can continue

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Health care tips.

How to health care tips. You can it everyday to easy healthy care. Let’s to see it. Exercise in the morning Starting from the moment you wake up. Do one lazy twist first. Lazy twist is considered a daily routine that will become a healthy

Tofu with Spring Onion Kimchi

Tofu with Spring Onion Kimchi

For dinner to lose weight, you can make Tofu with Spring Onion Kimchi instead of rice. Add soft tofu, beef, fragrant sesame oil. Add Korean chili powder and soy sauce. Ingredients: Tofu with Spring Onion Kimchi Soft white tofu (diced) 300 g. 200 g sliced ​​kimchi 150

Do you know why sleeping can heal the heart?

Do you know why sleeping can heal the heart?

Do you know why sleeping  can heal the heart? Sleeping is another thing that can give your body energy when you feel tired. It not only makes you feel refreshed. But there are also other benefits that may not be thought of at all. What will be useful in that

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Whats sleep test procedure?

Whats sleep test procedure? Before taking the sleep test, tell your doctor if you are taking any medications or supplements. By the day of the test, you should stop eating. Caffeine- and alcohol- containing beverages can affect sleep patterns and cause inaccurate results. Including should not make up and refrain

mind nourishing foods

9 mind nourishing foods When feeling sad or depressed

9 mind nourishing foods When feeling sad or depressed. Before our feelings of gloom dominate us both our lives and our spirits. I would like everyone to turn to take care of their health with a healthy diet.           Despite what happens that will not bring us